Our story

Founded in 1997 by GIA Graduate Gemologist Hope Meyer, HGM Fine Jewelry has been dedicated to bringing the allure and beauty of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to our discerning clientele.


With a passion for the rare and the extraordinary, Hope has traveled the globe, forging relationships with some of the world's most esteemed suppliers to curate a magnificent collection of antique, estate, and contemporary jewelry.

At HGM Fine Jewelry, we believe each piece of jewelry has its own story. Whether you're looking for something classic or something bold and modern, our selection is all about great craftsmanship and unique designs.

We invite you to check out our collection and find the piece that really speaks to you. We've carefully picked each item with an expert eye, always with a deep respect for the art of jewelry. Come see what we have and find that perfect piece that feels just right for you.

Why we launched HGM Jewelry

We launched HGM Jewelry because we wanted to create a place that truly celebrates the unique spirit and individual style of each person who walks through our doors. Our founder, Hope Goldman Meyer, started this journey with a strong background in gemology and a deep passion for high-quality, distinctive jewelry. HGM has evolved into more than just a jewelry store—it's a space where personal stories and visions come alive through beautifully crafted pieces that reflect the diverse lives and significant moments.

Our vision

We see a world where every individual can access jewelry that conveys and expresses their unique narrative. With a firm stance on uniqueness, we are charting a course toward a future where our legacy of quality and distinction continues to shine. The HGM brand is identified with the highest caliber of jewelry pieces.

What we offer

Here at HGM Fine Jewelry, we provide the solution to finding unique elegance. Our value proposition is the thoughtful selection of magnificent jewelry that perfectly captures the essence of sophistication. Uniqueness is essential; each piece is selected for its exceptional craftsmanship and design. We guarantee that every time you visit HGM, you will have an exceptional experience.

Where are we?

HGM Fine Jewelry is situated in historic uptown New Orleans on Magazine Street. Our reach extends worldwide, bringing the unique style of jewelry lovers everywhere.

3617 Magazine St. (Inside Empire Antiques)